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Outlook History & How to create an Outlook Account?

The Internet is the basic medium for all available web services. Email is one of the web services that connect people all around the world in just one click. Email or Electronic mail was first sent by Roy Tomlinson back in the 1970s when @ sign was created to link username and server. The basic SMTP for email was developed in 1981 and it is the same as that of the modern world email methodology.  

Outlook or Microsoft Outlook is one of the online services that provide email service and many more. It acts as a personal information manager, where you can store all of your personal information and data. In this article, we will discuss Outlook history & How to create an Outlook Account


Outlook History

Outlook or we can say it as a Microsoft Outlook is purely a Microsoft product that was created to replace Hotmail login and it comes with the Microsoft Office product. Outlook works as a personal information manager. Email is its most widely used service along with many other features that include Calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, Notepad, Web browsing, and many more. 

Currently, there are more than 360 million users of Microsoft Outlook and still, the number is increasing. Microsoft Outlook was developed as the perfect replacement of Hotmail so most of the Hotmail users are slowly shifting toward Microsoft Outlook where they can enjoy the same and better features. 

Key Features of Outlook 

The following are the key features of Microsoft Outlook that you can enjoy after creating an account on Outlook.

● Bill pay reminder

● Suggest event locations 

● Suggest meeting rooms

● Bcc warning 

● Proxy connectivity

● Multiple time zones

Many other premium features are also available but security is the main highlight of Outlook. As Microsoft Outlook acts as a personal information manager that is why it provides the best security options where you can provide the verification emails and verification numbers. If someone tries to log in to your account then Microsoft will automatically provide you the security alerts

How to create an Outlook Account?

To create an Outlook account you have to follow the below-listed steps. 

  1. Connect to Microsoft or visit 
  2. After reaching to sign up page enter your name and fill all other required fields. 
  3. Then set up your email which you prefer to use.
  4. All other requested information should have to be provided.
  5. After completing all the processes a new @outlook account is created. 

You can also visit and search for the help option. Where you can get all important information regarding sign up methods and services provided by outlook. Many video tutorials are also available where you can get all information regarding sign up procedure.

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